Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This blog has been established to share information regarding recent government events that impact the maritime community. The emphasis is on the word "share". While I, as the editor, will attempt to post information concerning and links to new government documents, it is hoped that some of those postings will generate comment from readers. Please join in and share your experieince and perspectives.


  1. Wishing you the best of luck Dennis

  2. Thank you for your service, Dennis. Best to you!

  3. Congratulations, Dennis, I wish you the best of luck!

  4. Congratulations, Dennis, I wish you the best of luck!

  5. Dennis,

    You mean that we now have to search for your excellent comments each day? It's as bad as the new Pharaoh demanding bricks without straw? Please keep them coming - including the bits about e.g. Groundhog day, and "This day in history".

    Best wishes,

    John Chamberlain

  6. Dennis,

    Best wishes for transition #2.

    Semper Par!

  7. I'm your secret fan. Thanks for your time and effort to continue this.

  8. Life for marine hacks just got a bit tougher. Thanks for all your hard work Dennis and good wishes for the blog. Alan Welcome.

  9. I think you've got multiple secret fans across the country. I too am part of your secret fan club.

  10. Well Dennis- One can only hope the maritime world can survive a wave of this magnitude. With this shift of your flag, please don't retire in any meaningful sense of the word: we all rely too greatly on your efforts to keep ourselves informed by any other means.
    Best wishes-
    Bruce Dalcher

  11. Dear Dennis:
    Onto New Adventures! Like so many others, I will sip my coffee and follow along.
    John Carlisle

  12. Dennis:
    An opportunity to wish you best of luck and simultaneously to thank you for the 10 years of emails. I look forward to reading the blog posts.
    Rebecca Fenneman

  13. Dear Dennis: I've found your Maritime Items useful and informative and a daily "must read" for the last 10 years. With thanks and best wishes for the success of Bryants Maritime Blog,
    Emery Harper

  14. Dennis: You're THE MAN! We would follow you anywhere -- even to Bryant's Maritime Blog...
    Keep up the good work and best of luck.
    Cheers, Rich Buckingham

  15. Sincere thanks Captain,
    Looking forward to following the Blog.
    Jon M.

  16. Captain Dennis,
    Wishing you the best of luck. I have gathered a lot of knowledge from your comments and will follow your new flag.
    v/r, Jim

  17. Dennis
    The newsletter has been a great daily service to lawyers and others worldwide. It was a 'must read' email each day. I will now look forward to logging on each day. Best wishes for the transistion,
    Nick Fell, AET

  18. Welcome to the blogosphere! If you need any help on your new social media course please don't hesitate to contact me at john@gcaptain.com 805-456-8644


  19. Captain,

    Thank you for doing this. I read you every morning getting the info I use throughout the day. Keep the cards and letters coming.


  20. Dennis:

    In the past, I always started my day reading your e-mails to "find out who was doing what" as well as enjoying your views of life and historical dates.

    Being of a generation and having never "blogged" prior (maybe I should ask my 11-year old son how?), I look forward to joining you on your most recent voyage and look forward to many enlightening discussions.

    Wishing you all the greatest of successes,
    Don Toenshoff, Jr.