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Special – 12 April 2009

April 12, 2009

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USN – master rescued, pirates captured/killed


The US Navy issued a news release stating that US naval forces rescued Captain Richard Phillips, the master of the US-flag container ship MAERSK ALABAMA. Of the four pirates holding him hostage on the drifting lifeboat, one has been captured and three have reportedly been killed. Captain Phillips was first taken to the destroyer USS BAINBRIDGE, which had been attempting the scene since shortly after the incident commenced. He was then taken to the USS BOXER, flagship of Combined Task Force (CTF) 151, where he contacted his family, received a routine medical evaluation, and is resting comfortably. Maersk issued a news release expressing its gratitude to the US Navy, the FBI, and to so many others for their tireless efforts to secure the Captain’s freedom. Note: After some tense days, the hostage-taking has ended. We can now look forward to a trial of the surviving (suspected) pirate, hopefully in the United States. We should also anticipate that the piracy situation will finally receive from the US Government the serious attention that it has deserved for so long. (4/12/09).

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